Caped-sleeve Bolero part three


I decided that since I was going to be sewing around the armhole on a flat machine, I’d save myself some grief and hand baste the sleeve in place first.


It made it so much easier to manage the fabric while sewing.

Then a final press and . . .


Now we’re ready for Autumn.


Caped-sleeve Bolero part two

We last left off with sewing on the facing . . .

Sew it on, clip seam allowances around curves, then press.

I ALWAYS understitch my linings and facings to keep them hidden from the right side. This step makes for a much nicer finished project.

Sew up the sides, finish the armholes, and onto the sleeves.

I finished the edges of the caped sleeves with my serger, then folded down and pressed the top edge. I basted it in place with a regular glue stick, and pressed it again to seal the glue. This will wash right out in the future.

Pin the sleeves into place and call it a day.

Caped-Sleeve Bolero part one

I’ve been really curious about those Japanese sewing pattern books on Amazon for quite awhile now, and a couple weeks ago I finally ordered Stylish Party Dresses. For my first project I decided to do:

Copy the pattern onto tissue paper . . .

I decided to go with a fairly thick black fabric that I’ve had in my stash for a few years now. It will probably be too warm for summer, but I have my hopes set on Autumn. The patterns don’t include seam allowances, so I decided to trace it onto my fabric and add the seam allowances there. 

Sew shoulder seams together, chain stitching to save time.

Press seams, then finish with the serger.

Thread number four was cut, not broken. I’m using only three threads so I can switch to a narrow rolled hem without too much trouble.

Pin the facing on and quit there, before the kids start exploding.

Wishful Thinking Blouse

I forgot to write a post about this project back in August when I completed it.


I had dubbed this blouse my “wishful thinking” project; I wanted another baby, lots of people I know were/are having babies, and it was driving me crazy! So, I designed this maternity blouse with plans to wear it even if I wasn’t Expecting. Something in the Universe smiled down at me, however, and a couple weeks later I found out that I was pregnant!

All of these photos were taken back in August. The shirt is much cuter on me now that I have the round tummy to fill it out.





Halloween 2013 – Nearly There





All that’s left to do on the outer dress is adding the lace, and it will be finished.

I’m taking this project at a very leisurely pace, since I have plenty of time before Halloween arrives, and I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out with my husband, playing with the baby, and enjoying the cool Autumn air. I’ve really liked watching my progress with this dress, because it’s so beautiful and sparkly that I can’t help but feel a youthful glee as I think, “I’m going to be so PRETTY!” Like a fairy princess. :)

I decided to gather the skirt at the top where it attaches to the bodice, which gives it a more “floaty” appearance. I finished the inside seam by covering it with a whip stitch, then hand-stitching it flat against the lining. Unfortunately the seam is a little itchy against skin, so I’m hoping that having the under dress with it will mitigate that problem. If not, then I’m sure that itchy Halloween costumes are a time-honored tradition for many people.

I really really really REALLY love glitter.