Making a child’s dress – sewing the top together


Laying out and cutting fabric for a child’s dress

I want to show my sewing process, with all the chaos that comes from being a disorganized artsy mom. I’m using cotton fabric that I tie-dyed to make matching dresses for my daughters, though the video only shows me working on one of them.

This whole process took about 30 minutes (obviously way sped up for the video), including interruptions.

The best part is my kitten helper.


My husband and I rented a house at the beginning of February, and the disruption of moving plus being pregnant has really thrown me off. On top of expecting a new baby in the next 2-5 weeks (OMG YAY!), I also decided to start potty training my toddler, because one can never have too much going on at once. Okay, so it was getting pretty hard for me to wash diapers every other day, my toddler was starting to fight me more and more with diaper changes, so I decided to put her in Big Girl underwear, and clean up the accidents as they happen (hardwood floors make it easy). We’ve been happier (albeit messier) in the week since I did that.

The nice thing is that I now have my own crafting room, and once I have energy again I’ll be back to sewing all sorts of fun things (I’m already planning to make another corset). For now, I’ve been working with yarn, and between making diaper covers for my new baby, I’m also knitting a pair of socks for my daughter.

I still have a few projects that haven’t been showcased yet, so I’ll try to get posts up about those before too long passes. My toddler has decided that our camera is the best thing ever, so I have to be careful of her grabby hands every time I pull it out.

Toddler Dress




I decided at the last minute that I wanted to make a new dress for my daughter for Christmas, and managed to put this together despite being sick at the time — I always make the weirdest mistakes in sewing whenever I have a cold. She’s absolutely darling wearing it, and I can’t help but call her “princess.”

Wishful Thinking Blouse

I forgot to write a post about this project back in August when I completed it.


I had dubbed this blouse my “wishful thinking” project; I wanted another baby, lots of people I know were/are having babies, and it was driving me crazy! So, I designed this maternity blouse with plans to wear it even if I wasn’t Expecting. Something in the Universe smiled down at me, however, and a couple weeks later I found out that I was pregnant!

All of these photos were taken back in August. The shirt is much cuter on me now that I have the round tummy to fill it out.