Venus Angelic

I have discovered Venus Angelic. I don’t have anything against dressing up like a doll. Yeah, the giant eyes look a little creepy, but doll clothes are insanely cute, so why not? The thing about this girl is that she ultimately comes across as really fucking crazy.

OMG SO KAWAII!!!!11one

This is the sort of picture that she takes of herself (screenshot taken from this video). All of her photos are taken from the Myspace angle, including her videos. The effect is that she looks like a cute little BJD doll, and people go gaga over her.

Never mind, you’re actually really creepy

And this picture (taken from here) shows a different story. She hardly looks like the same person. Her face isn’t round and cherubic, it’s kind of pudgy and underdeveloped. Her mouth isn’t a sweet little smile, but rather tightly pursed together lips in a frown. She looks like a bad cosplayer.


This is a screenshot of an interview that she did on TV, and here you can see her true nature. This isn’t an adorable young girl who enjoys dressing up like a doll; study the lines of her face and imagine the expressions that would create them. This girl does not smile, ever. She dresses up like a doll because she’s trying to cover up who she really is. She does it for attention. She does it so that she can lift herself up above everyone else and consider herself superior.

Apparently there’s a whole world of squeaky voiced girls attacking each other on Youtube. Isn’t the internet such a fun and exciting place?