What A Year It’s Been!

My life has gone down paths that I never thought I’d travel, and this past year has been no different. I took time away from blogging for my family, and have spent the past year sharing wonderful moments with my husband and two daughters. Now that my baby #2 is approaching her first birthday, I’m finding myself with more leisure time and the desire to start chronicling my life and crafting once again.

This past year has seen many changes in my life. My husband and I bought a house that we are now renovating, and what an adventure this is turning out to be! For all of the quirks and oddities of our home, I absolutely adore it.

I have also, somehow and surprisingly, found myself going back to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is difficult to explain how this came about, but the peace and understanding that I have found since opening up my heart to God has had an immense impact on my life and character. There are many emotional issues that I still struggle with as the result from my adventurous past, but I am solidly an the road of improvement.

This blog, from this point onward, will be different. I have decided to keep my older entries, since while it may not be obvious to most people, they do tell of my journey from naïveté, to cynicism, to understanding. I have certainly ruffled a few feathers along the way, but I am proud of how I have grown and have no desire to hide my past. Everything from before now will be categorized under “Archives.”

My focus will be on traditional femininity, and include topics like homemaking, cooking, crafting, motherhood, religion, and how to treat husbands (the last being of mega importance!). Being the perfect woman is an art that takes practice and skill, and it is the goal that I wish to achieve. While there are many areas that I fall short, I am earnest and determined to succeed, if only to provide my daughters with the role model that I longed to have for myself.

Onward and upward!