A New Year and Baby Number Two

I suppose that since it’s a trend I started with my first pregnancy, I’m now five months into my second! Woo hoo for belated announcements!


25 weeks.

Life has been pretty cozy lately. My daughter has spent the last month practicing being a big sister with her dolls, and we’re all very eager for the baby to arrive in April. We’re planning on going through some big changes before that event even happens, so 2014 is going to be a fun year.

I’ve decided to change the general focus of this blog, and use it more for journaling — that’s what I enjoy doing the most. I’ll still post about my sewing and crafting projects, as well as opinion pieces, but on the whole I want to write about my life the very most. It is an interesting life, and I am an ever-changing person.

I managed to get over a lot of my PTSD and bitterness during the end of 2013, and having a second baby to look forward to helped motivate me a lot with that. It’s very lovely to feel relaxed and happy more often than not! I am determined to always appreciate the knowledge that my experiences have given me, but I’m grateful to have overcome the negative emotions that accompanied them.

Here’s looking forward to an exciting new year!