Halloween 2013 – Nearly There





All that’s left to do on the outer dress is adding the lace, and it will be finished.

I’m taking this project at a very leisurely pace, since I have plenty of time before Halloween arrives, and I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out with my husband, playing with the baby, and enjoying the cool Autumn air. I’ve really liked watching my progress with this dress, because it’s so beautiful and sparkly that I can’t help but feel a youthful glee as I think, “I’m going to be so PRETTY!” Like a fairy princess. :)

I decided to gather the skirt at the top where it attaches to the bodice, which gives it a more “floaty” appearance. I finished the inside seam by covering it with a whip stitch, then hand-stitching it flat against the lining. Unfortunately the seam is a little itchy against skin, so I’m hoping that having the under dress with it will mitigate that problem. If not, then I’m sure that itchy Halloween costumes are a time-honored tradition for many people.

I really really really REALLY love glitter.