Halloween 2013 – Costume Design


The approach of Autumn has gotten me thinking about Halloween, and planning out the costumes for my little family. The baby was easy, while my husband is hard — neither of us have been able to come up with something suitable yet. As for me, my first thought was “fairy.”

I spent awhile browsing the internet for ideas, but didn’t really like anything that I found, so I sat down and started sketching. I wanted to keep the design simple, because I’d much rather finish early and have some extra time to sew on sequins or beads, instead of rushing to get it completed at the eleventh hour (especially since I have two other costumes to put together as well). The above drawing is what I came up with.

The underdress will be off-white, made out of a very simple loose fitting T shape. I want the bodice to be made with some sort of shimmery pale blue fabric, tightly fitted with laces in the front, and attached to a split overskirt.

The drawing looks more like a generic medieval/fantasy design than a fairy costume, but I’m sure that the right accessories and fabrics will give the actual costume a more fairy-like appearance.

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