Shopping Trip

Some days it feels like the teething will never end, but it will, in fact, keep getting worse and worse as baby’s new teeth keep getting bigger and bigger. And babies have a lot of teeth to grow in.

To help me recover from feeling frazzled, my husband took me out for an all-day shopping trip.

I’ve wanted my husband to have some nice shaving supplies for about as long as we’ve been together, so the first place we stopped in was The Art of Shaving. After we were given a demonstration of how a brush works with shaving soap, I KNEW that we had to get it — the effect was amazing. I’ve always heard that a brush makes a huge difference, and I’m very happy that my husband now has one.

Then my little family shared a caramel apple together, and it was on to Lush for me. Today I was in the mood for their Emotional Brilliance line, and picked out new colors for myself. The girl at the store told me that the makeup can also be used to put colorful streaks through one’s hair, which I’m excited to try — it’s always fun to experiment with different looks.

And finally, my husband and I shared some delicious potato soup in a bread bowl from Kneaders (the baby stubbornly refused to eat any), marking the end of a thoroughly wonderful shopping trip.




My nice camera is still broken, and the cheap one we have puts a rather artsy effect on indoor photos.


2 thoughts on “Shopping Trip

  1. I had never heard of Lush so I had to check them out when you said you could use their make up for hair color streaks?! Sounds like fun. I am assuming the eye colors or is it any of their product? Let me know how it works!!

  2. Lush carries mostly bath and body products, but they have a liquid makeup that can be used on any part of your face. It’s great because you can blend colors together, then apply anywhere you feel like.

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