A Season of Spiders

My husband and I decided to go for a leisurely hike yesterday evening, letting the baby take the lead with her small steps and cowgirl boots, when we spotted a giant tarantula on the side of the trail — I had no clue that tarantulas lived in this area, considering that I grew up here and never once saw one before. I hate tarantulas, and thought the thing was awful and horrible, so I quickly grabbed the baby to keep her away from it

My husband decided that he wanted to adopt it.

He took off his shoe and chased it inside, then I screamed when the tarantula tried to escape from his shoe, and forever later we made it back to the car and found another container to put it in. After a quick stop at the pet store to pick up some crickets, my husband transferred it over to my betta fish’s old tank.

Now it’s sitting next to my fish tank, where I have to look at it.

And I really really hate tarantulas.