Hobo Spiders

We had a rather large number of wolf spiders running around inside. It was mildly annoying at times (especially when they would fall out of my skirts after I had been wearing them for an hour), but I was content to keep them around. Wolf spiders are very harmless, and they keep less friendly sorts of spiders out.

When we got home from vacation, all of our wolf spiders had mysteriously disappeared. There were a couple of dead spider bodies in the hallway, so I can assume that something killed them all while we were gone. Consequently, the hobo spiders have moved in — so far we’ve found two.

I don’t like having hobo spiders in the house. I don’t like the thought of one biting my baby. So, while we normally have a catch and release policy with spiders, this time it’s kill on sight.

I miss my wolf spiders.


4 thoughts on “Hobo Spiders

  1. Oh ugh, I’m so sorry. I’m the same way-I catch and release the good spiders, but if I see a hobo spider it’s getting smashed. Yuck.

  2. You talk about this so nonchalant, I would be freaking out if a spider fell out of my skirt lol

  3. Last summer, I lived somewhere that was much, much worse with the spiders, so I’ve become rather immune to them.

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