My Betta Fish

My camera was involved in a freak accident just a couple of days before we left on vacation, inspiring an emergency trip to the store. We found a cheap camera that is perfect for vacations, being simple, sturdy, and waterproof, but it’s not very suitable for photographing my sewing projects. We want to see if we can get my original camera repaired before buying a new one, so it may take awhile before I post about any of my creative ventures.

In the meantime, I will blog about my day-to-day life. Going on vacation was wonderfully refreshing, and I feel energized enough to throw myself back into the world of writing.

On the night of July 18th, my Betta fish got himself sucked into a tube, where he stayed for God knows how long until I went to feed him in the evening and couldn’t find him. How he managed to get into that tube is a mystery that will probably never be solved, considering that the intake was about as thoroughly covered as you can get. My husband and I immediately moved him to a small glass jar, thinking for sure that he was going to be dead by morning, then went to bed.

However, the next morning he was still alive. My poor fish looked awful, with injuries all over his face and body, and half of his top fin was torn off. I thought for sure that he was going to die. We started treating the water to help his scales grow back.

A couple days later, we discovered that the Betta fish was covered in what looked like gold dust, and a quick search on the internet diagnosed him with Velvet disease. I thought that this was definitely going to kill him. We started treating the water to kill the parasite, in addition with the treatment to help his injuries heal.

Then, a few days later, I dropped some food in his jar, and he promptly swam up to eat it. That was when I dared to hope.

I admit that I feel a certain amount of pride at being able to keep my Betta fish alive through that disaster, considering that I’ve never met anyone who’s even bothered with fishy medical treatment before, let alone actually succeeding at it. My Betta has quickly become my most favorite pet fish ever, because of his toughness and determination to live.

My fish is Betta than your fish! Ha ha!

Scarred, but still alive.

Scarred, but still alive.

For some reason I thought that this picture was interesting.

I like this picture.


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