Vine Blouse


I didn’t feel much like modelling, so I put this latest project on my duct tape dress form, which is slowly but surely losing its shape.

I’ve been wanting to make more blouses for myself for ages, but couldn’t quite settle on any styles. A few days ago, I sat myself down with a pile of vintage patterns and the determination to be inspired. I ended up using a pattern from 1975 as my base design, and made a few alterations to better fit my tastes. I figured that some productivity would help my general blah-ness of late, and it does feel better to have something to show for my time.

For the fabric, I used a cotton print that I had purchased awhile back that has a vibrant color, then accented it with hot pink top stitching. The neckline was faced with bias tape, the armholes were done with a rolled hem, and the seams were finished with either a zigzag stitch, or a false french seam, depending on their location.




Pink top stitching.

Cat hair already.