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In my personal life, I’ve been struggling with fatigue and general feelings of awfulness for awhile now, and lately it’s been getting much worse (hence my lack of blogging). Yesterday I went to the doctor about it, he told me what he suspects the problem is, and now we’re waiting for the lab results to know for sure.

Having an impending diagnosis in the future is frightening, though even worse is the thought that there’s the chance that the results might come back normal, and I’ll be back to wondering what’s wrong with me. As unpleasant as a diagnosis is, it’s not going to change how I’ve been feeling, but it will give me a starting point on the road to recovery.

But for now, all I know for sure is that I’m tired, unhappy, and ready for a change.


3 thoughts on “My Personal Health

  1. Try getting tested for Celiacs or a gluten allergy.
    Cutting gluten out of your diet can help big time!
    Fatigue was a major symptom for me until I cut gluten out due to allergies.
    Its a big step, but you can do it!
    Email me if you have any questions.

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