Chores for Toddlers

Now that my baby is 14 months old, I’ve decided that it’s time to start giving her chores. I’ll never scrub the toilet again!

Ha ha!

In reality, I’ve decided to assign her a very simple task based on her current interests: she helps me push the laundry basket to the washing machine.

I hope that by making sure that her first association with the idea of chores is fun, she’ll be more enthusiastic about helping me maintain an organized household when she’s older. Will it work? I have no idea — it will be several years before I’ll be able to see the results of my efforts. What I do know, however, is that it’s cute to watch my baby push the laundry basket, and that we both really enjoy cheering a job well done. We’re having fun now, and that’s the part that ultimately matters more.

It will be awhile yet before I’ll be able to give my baby any real chores, but working together in small ways now is hopefully preparing us for the future while giving us an excuse to play.