Summer of No Pants – Petal Skirt


This skirt was inspired by my flower garden, and the pieces were designed to look like petals. The fabric that I used was an old bed sheet that had gotten a big pink stain on it, so I dumped the entire thing in my dye pot and colored the rest of it to match (I like it much better pink). The skirt was stitched together with green thread, the bottom is a narrow 1/8″ hem, and the top is cinched up with a drawstring (again, my button holes were done by hand).

When it’s hanging straight it looks like a normal skirt, but twirling brings out the unique shape of the hem.





5 thoughts on “Summer of No Pants – Petal Skirt

  1. oh! What a beautiful place you live! What are those mountains? Is that BC? I’m sorry to be nosy.. I just found your blog today and have just now read all your archives :-)

  2. They’re the Rocky Mountains. And don’t worry about not being able to tell my location, because I’ve lived in five different states during the time I’ve been keeping this blog, and I’m purposefully vague about it.

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