Striving to be someone worth admiring

I hate the current trend of taking pride in being an underachiever. You know, the whole, “My house is a disaster, I look like something the dog chewed on, and that makes me awesome!” type crap.

No matter what people try to pretend, everyone knows in the back of their mind that being an underachiever is shameful. They don’t come across as oozing confidence and self-esteem — it’s quite the opposite. They come across as being depressed, slovenly, and selfish. The only reason why anyone wants to be friends with an underachiever is so that they themselves don’t look as bad in comparison. “My house may not be pristine and I may not always wear makeup, but at least I’m not as bad as So-and-So.”

Being the person that everyone uses to feel better about themselves is nothing to take pride in!

You don’t need to burn yourself out by striving to be an overachiever, all you have to do is show that you care. Putting on mascara only takes a few minutes, and it takes just as long to pull on a simple skirt as it does to pull on gym pants (perhaps even less time, considering how tight those leggings can get). That’s all it takes, and yet the results can make a world of difference. It’s easier to be energetic and happy when you feel good about yourself!

Wouldn’t you much rather be the person that everyone else admires?

I get dressed before or immediately after breakfast every morning, and implementing this simple change in my life has done wonders at improving my disposition and efficiency. I no longer waste time by puttering around in my pajamas and feeling tired, because I’m already dressed so I might as well tackle the day. Then suddenly before I know it, the laundry is done, the carpet is vacuumed, and the bathroom is clean, leaving the rest of the day to my whims and hobbies, and it isn’t even noon yet. Now THAT is awesome.

These little steps are ridiculously easy to do, so there’s no need to be afraid of failing! Before you know it, your husband will be bragging about how wonderful his wife is, compliments will start pouring in from all sides, and you will know that you are someone who is worthy of admiration. That sounds much better than spending your time justifying being a sloppy person.


2 thoughts on “Striving to be someone worth admiring

  1. Yes, I have times when I do just that, and seem to achieve so much in a day, and then sometimes I find that I let things slide (like today) when I got out of bed, pulled on sweat pants and top, went straight into working on the dolls and stayed in that condition until I stopped at 5.00. You will be pleased to know that I did actually manage to shower (better late than never), before cleaning up the kitchen to make space for cooking dinner. Well, we can’t all be good all the time, can we? I don’t think the Painter would appreciate the organised times if he didn’t have the chaotic ones to compare them to!

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