Fabric Flower


This is my first experiment in making fabric flowers. I did it on the cheap, and used some polyester fabric that I already have, plus some pipe cleaner. First, I cut out a 12″x12″ square of fabric, starched it to the extreme, then cut out the petals and painted them. The fun part was gluing the petals onto my pipe cleaner stem, and watching the flower form. I gave it to my husband to put on his desk, along with some paper flowers that I had made as well.

I really enjoyed making this, so in the future I’ll probably upgrade my materials to floral wire and china silk.





3 thoughts on “Fabric Flower

  1. It’s beautiful! I love how it’s kind of transparent actually. I’m always making flowers out of stuff. I have’nt tried making them out of material yet though. Maybe I will with some scrap pieces I have…..Hmm

  2. Consider using essential oils to scent them: cloth flowers which smell pretty, what could be nicer?

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