Me Made May

This whole “Me Made May” thing has me kind of baffled. So, many sewers out there are spending time, money, and materials to make garments that end up never getting worn? What’s the point of sewing then?

I started sewing so that I wouldn’t have to go shopping for clothing. I was sick of never being able to find anything that fit me, and of being limited to only choosing modern styles that I didn’t like. I wear everything that I make, even if it’s only long enough to figure out what sort of flaws my design had so that I know what to improve in the future. I wear my projects preferentially over commercial clothing, because they are custom fitted to me and my tastes. I don’t need any internet challenges to get me to wear the stuff I make — I’m already wearing it!

I have a huge pragmatic streak, so I don’t see any point in creating something for the sake of creating it. Art is meant to be displayed, clothing is meant to be worn, writing is meant to be read. Making something, then putting it away where it will never see the light of day again, is a waste of time and materials.

What’s the appeal in sewing clothing that you aren’t going to wear?


One thought on “Me Made May

  1. I agree with you, if we are sewing our clothes we should be wearing them. I do wear what I make, pretty often actually, and this month I am using this prompt for some easy outfit posts. Also, I find Me Made May really motivating to start some new projects, that I will wear.

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