Springtime Bugs


Another square for my patchwork skirt project. For this one, I dyed a light blue background using the low immersion method to get a splotchy effect, then painted the flowers, dragonflies, and bugs using stencils. I had spring in mind with this one, so I used pastel colors and tried to make it light and fun.





5 thoughts on “Springtime Bugs

  1. It looks really good. I’ve been experimenting with painting t-shirts with stencils for a few months now, I actually custom make stencils with poster board and I’m working on making multiple color designs.

  2. How well does the poster board hold up with the paint? I’ve been wanting to make my own stencils as well, but I’ve been wondering what sorts of materials would be appropriate for it.

  3. It does pretty well. Depending on how big your design is, and thus how much paint you add, I can get anywhere from 3-more uses out of one stencil. I’ve made a few smaller ones that only have one layer of paint and I’ve used them about 5 times and they are still good. I made a really big one though and painted 4 different colors of paint with it, and it only lasted 3 times. I’ve also tried just paper, and they work pretty well too, but you only get one use out of them and they smear with finer detail.

  4. Do you have any problems with the paint smearing? That was part of the reason I was using the cardboard, it stayed in place really well and didn’t slip on the fabric.

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