Wedding Dress Mockup


The mockup for my wedding dress, made out of two different bedsheets. One of my sewing books has instructions on how to sew in a basque waistline, which I did not reference at all (hence the funniness in the skirt). I will definitely follow the instructions when I sew the real dress.

I still need to make the pattern for the sleeves, but I plan on keeping them simple.

I’m pleased with the lines of the mockup, so now it’s on to the real materials.



I was feeling thoroughly un-photogenic, so I decided to get silly with it. TOTALLY GLAMOROUS!



6 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Mockup

  1. When my husband and I married, we were too poor to afford anything. After three years and a baby, we finally have enough money for a wedding reception, lol. Better late than never!

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