My thoughts on the volleyball player

Last night I caught the story about a volleyball star rescuing her marriage by choosing to be submissive to her husband on the TV, and the public reaction that ensued — namely, hatred and anger. The comments on the news story are difficult to read because of the sheer amount of venom in them, so I highly recommend against it if you’re at all interested in keeping a positive vibe in your life.

Most women who choose to be submissive to their husbands are usually met with the same reaction, especially when they share that the decision to do so has saved their marriages and made them happier on the whole. The “gender equality” movement is based on the premise that submission makes everyone miserable, and that egalitarianism is the only cure, so every assertion to the contrary is a threat to the entire movement. Hence, the hatred and anger that women are subjected to for making a personal choice about how they want to live within their own homes. Publicly asserting that you like to be gentle and feminine is a very brave thing to do!

Personally, I believe that submitting to one’s husband makes for a happier and more successful marriage, and all of the evidence that I’ve heard has supported that view. Having clearly established roles lets each partner know what is expected of them, what they can expect of their partner, and lets them focus on doing their part so that they can have a functional family.

Kudos to Gabrielle Reece, for having the courage to live the way she wants to in the face of opposition!

5 thoughts on “My thoughts on the volleyball player

  1. It’s a mutual submission, because the husband must also give himself up for the best interests of the wife.

  2. The idea of “mutual submission” seems like another form of egalitarianism. Part of being a good dominant husband is respecting the wife’s submission and ensuring that she is happy and well cared for.

  3. While I hold that men and women are equal, I think you basically reworded what I wrote. The man’s submission is to his wife’s needs (happy and cared for), hence mutual submission.

  4. Pretend that you have a sled that’s pulled by two dogs. If both of them think that they are leaders and independently decide where they want to go, they’ll only be able to move forward for as long as they happen to want to go in the same direction, and will spend the rest of the time fighting each other, and if they exert enough force, they will tear the sled apart. This is egalitarianism.

    On the other side, if both of the dogs think that they are followers, then neither dog will ever take initiative for fear of offending the other and they will never go anywhere — the sled will rot away while the dogs die of starvation. This is mutual submission.

    When the dogs have a clearly establish leader and follower, then they are able to effectively move together and accomplish their goals — one dog makes the decisions about where they go, and the other dog supports and helps him. However, if the lead dog is stronger and faster (as leaders often are), then it’s his responsibility to be mindful of the limitations of his follower. Otherwise he could find himself harnessed to an injured or even dead dog, and they would be unable to go anywhere.

  5. The whole thing came from the Bible and that is how we, as married couples, are to live. Women are to submit to their husbands, and the husbands are to love and render to the wife due benevolence and give honour unto her. Everything needs a head to work and it was set up by the Lord. A lot of people think that it is such an insult for a woman to be submissive, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am a very happy lady and my husband takes very good care of me! Yay, for the volleyball player. If only this would catch on, the world would be a better place!

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