Likes and Views

I’m always rather curious about how many ‘Likes’ on my posts are from someone who genuinely liked the content, and how many are from people hoping to drum up traffic for their own blogs. I started to think about this when I noticed that some posts get more ‘Likes’ than they do views, and there are certain names who seem to like everything no matter what.

I personally have the policy of only ‘Liking’ post that I genuinely like, and I always make sure to visit the post itself before clicking that little button. I’m actually very glad that the option exists, because I’m terrible at coming up with comments yet I still want to let the author know that I enjoyed something they wrote. However, I’m not terribly thrilled that the function is being abused, especially since it devalues my own ‘Likes.’

Does anyone else think about this?

5 thoughts on “Likes and Views

  1. Hi Silver Stitches
    Yes. I do my best to be authentic. If I say I like something, I really do and I only follow blogs whose subject matter and style really interests me. I like your header photos; I’ve always had a huge fear of sewing machines and the anticipated tangles of thread jammed inside them!

  2. I sometimes wonder the same! I actually also only klick like when I really like a post. But I guess there are some who use it just as “advertisment”.

  3. I feel this exact same way! I will only like a post that I truly like and have read through. You are right, the ‘like’ system is totally abused and it is nice to find a few who have noticed this as well.

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