Springtime Garter Belt


I am a lingerie junkie.

With my last belt I used Dritz garters, and they are absolutely awful! The plastic part doesn’t stay attached, so they quite literally fall apart every time they’re used. When I saw that corsetmaking.com carries garter clips, I had to have them. They work much, much better.

I chose my fabric because it reminded me of Spring, and combined it with bright yellow ribbon. I forgot to melt the ends of the ribbons that I used for straps, which is important because it reinforces the ribbon and prevents the weight of the stockings from ripping it out, so I had to take the garter belt apart and re-sew it. The entire thing is interfaced with crinoline fabric, just because I wanted to see what that would be like, and I did a decorative blanket stitch with embroidery thread along the top edge.

I’m definitely getting better at making garter belts.







2 thoughts on “Springtime Garter Belt

  1. I designed the pattern myself. It was pretty simple to make, so I might put up instructions on how to do it.

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