Finished Corset

I ended up getting a grommet setter from Tandy Leather Factory, because they carry simple and inexpensive setters in a variety of sizes that work very well.

I marked the position for the grommets, checked the two sides against each other, then set to work punching holes with my awl. After I had done one side and a few on the other, I checked to see if my alignment was still good, and was mortified to find that I had somehow gotten them way off. I guess that I had a bit too much room for interpretation with my markings! I’m very embarrassed about it, since I’ve done eyelets with lacing on a few other projects without messing up, yet for some reason I had a major brain glitch while working on the corset. I made a really silly mistake on another sewing project that I’ve been working on this week as well, so it must be something in the air (I blame Spring).

I do have one complaint about the fit of my corset. I have fairly prominent hip bones, and the corset boning goes directly over them, which is rather uncomfortable. With the next corset I make, I’m going to try a design with hip gussets that go around my pointy bones, so that I don’t have metal pressing against them.

I wore the corset while working on chores, and was surprised at how much mobility I had — I didn’t have any problems with squatting down to pick up cheerios from off the floor. It was also nice to not have to worry about my posture, and that inevitable backache that I always get from slouching.





7 thoughts on “Finished Corset

  1. The mistake doesn’t show up like I thought it would — phew — but I’m still pretty embarrassed about it.

    I can’t wait till I make corset #2. :)

  2. I spent about $140 on supplies and tools, and I have enough left over that I could make another corset if I purchased a busk for it.

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