Plants Of My Own

Yesterday my husband and I went to one of the local greenhouses to pick out some plants for me. I’m the sort of person who loves all things green and leafy, but I have absolutely no grasp on how to care for them, and consequently they die under my confused hands. My husband, however, has a thumb so green that he can coax a plant back from the brink of death, then have it blossom into the most beautiful flower that you have ever seen. So, under his guidance, I am embarking on learning the art of horticulture. I am extremely excited.

I chose two succulent plants because of their gorgeous color and shape, and we also got a fuzzy cactus and an aloe vera plant for good measure.








One thought on “Plants Of My Own

  1. I love all your plants. I also have a green thumb. I grew up with gardening and the inside of the house looks like a jungle. I probably have atleast 50 house plants. I mainly focus on african violets and begonias. My friend and I plan to start learning bonsai soon. Just waiting to get our own place. The Aloe is wonderful. I can’t wait until I own a place so I can have flower gardens everywhere!!

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