Would your “Perfect Man” actually like you?

It’s very common for women and girls to make lists about the qualities that they want in a future husband, and they make a big deal out of finding a guy who fits everything on the list. However, try imagining it from the other side: the perfect man is out there, he’s funny, smart, and good with kids, and he came up with a list of attributes that he wants in a future wife. Would you fit that list?

Be realistic with what you imagine. I doubt that there are any guys out there who want a woman to sit around all day doing nothing while he brings home the bacon, cooks it, then washes the dishes, especially if he’s funny, smart, good with kids, etc. So, what would your perfect guy want? A good cook? Someone who’s easy-going, and not at all catty? A woman who’s always going to take care of her appearance, and never let herself go?

You’ll have a much better chance of finding your perfect guy, if you try to be the sort of person that he would want to be with. Work on improving yourself, become the most amazing person that you can be, and in turn you’ll attract someone who’s equally amazing. Otherwise, your perfect guy will probably pass you up for someone who better fits his criteria.


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