Damaged Boning Update

Update to this post.

We heard back from corsetmaking.com this morning, and they explained that when they notice damage in the continuous boning, they include extra to make up for it. We pulled out the tape measure, and sure enough there was an additional three yards in my coil. I find that to be a perfectly reasonable tradeoff.

As for the boning cutter, it would seem that we ended up with a factory defect or something, since the people of corsetmaking.com haven’t heard of the tool being too stiff to use before. We’ve been given the ‘okay’ for returning it.

I’m glad that that’s taken care of.

Everything else that we got from corsetmaking.com seems to be of good quality (coutil, lacing, grommets, etc).


One thought on “Damaged Boning Update

  1. For boning cutters I use a pair of tin snips (hardware store) sharpened as sharp as can be. The tipping of those spring steel bones is never quite as satisfactory as I would like. If you can slip those devilish tips onto the cut end – I then slam them with a mallet onto an anvil or concrete surface – this embeds the tip right into the spring and they hold better. But what I use most often is camera tape – sticks like mad- I wrap it over the end and then smash with mallet and anvil to embed glues into the spring and slide into casing…..One of the things I like most about making corsets is that it is so very physical!
    Have fun!

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