Corset Progress


I spent the day working on my corset. First, I laid out the fabric and positioned my pattern pieces on it, then pinned them down. Then it was time to take a break, play under the table, rock on the rocking horse, wash the diapers, and take a nap. Whew! Then back to work.


My hand was tired by the time I was done cutting the coutil. I labeled each piece before removing the pattern, differentiating the left and right sides with an ‘X’ and a ‘Y’.


Spare coutil is going to be made into bias strips.


None of the books that I have go into much detail about cording, so I put a lot of thought into how I was going to add it to my corset. After I got started, it occurred to me that there’s this resource called the internet, and that I could look up how other people do it.

I traced the section that was going to be corded from the pattern onto some white cotton, then cut it out.


I experimented with marking the stitch lines first, but that didn’t work out. The best thing to do is to use the zipper foot and stitch the cording in piece by piece, like so:


I ended up not putting as many cords in as I had originally planned, because I didn’t plan for the 3-D shape that the cotton fabric would take, so I didn’t have enough to cover more. Live and learn.


I cut pieces of rope to use. I like to say that the cording is an alternate version of the foam bra cup, only better.



Sew everything together, and call it a day.


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