Damaged Boning

My supplies from corsetmaking.com arrived today, but my excitement pretty quickly dissipated when I realized that the boning that they had sent me was damaged!


Damaged spot #1 — One of the wires is broken.


Damaged spot #2 — Again, one of the wires is broken, ruining the shape of the boning.


Damage spot #3 — the wires have been stretched out.

I purchased the continuous roll thinking that I could put every inch of it to use without any waste, so the damage is a major disappointment. I also got the boning cutter along with it, but the tool doesn’t work properly — it’s so stiff that the “spring loaded” feature doesn’t function, and I can barely open and close the blades myself.

We’ve sent an e-mail to corsetmaking.com about these problems, but since it’s the weekend we’ll have to wait for a reply. This is totally not cool.

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