Corset Mockup



My corset mockup is now at a satisfactory point. I had to take in some in the bust, and even more in the hips, to get it to fit correctly — I haven’t ordered my boning yet, and I’m hoping that when I add it the fit won’t change drastically in any sort of way. I added a temporary panel that is 2″ wide in the back, basted where the seam lines are, then safety pinned the edges together with the seam lines matching, so that I could fit the mockup to my body without compromising the necessary 2″ gap for the lacing.

The unfortunate thing about being skinny is that I don’t have a lot of squish to work with.


4 thoughts on “Corset Mockup

  1. It is looking really good! I don’t think the boning will give you any negative effects. It will definitely clear up the majority of the horizontal wrinkles that you have now.

  2. Normally I delete this sort of comment as linkspam — but this guy’s work is actually pretty good. Go check it out.

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