Illness – The Continuation

The baby had her turn with being sick. It was hard to see my little one look so miserable, and more than once I wished that I could make it all go away. I kept debating with myself over whether or not I should give her another dose of Tylenol, because on one hand it made her feel much better, yet on the other just how safe is it to stuff my baby full of medicine? Thank goodness the worst of it was over after two days.

Now my husband has got it, so I’ve been keeping him supplied with herbal tea and tissues.

2 thoughts on “Illness – The Continuation

  1. Ugh! My daughter and I have had the junk for the last 2 weeks. She had strep and I had the other crud. My daughter has a seizure disorder so we have to stay on top of the Tylenol. Any kind of infection with a fever will trigger seizures if we don’t keep the fever under control :-( Hope you all recover quickly. It has been dragging out for us. Sunshine and warm days might be the only cure!

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