Feng Shui

I’ve decided to Feng Shui my life, and thus have been putting a lot of energy into evaluating and rearranging my home. I’m being rather liberal in my interpretations of the Do’s and Don’ts, since I like the general idea of balance and energy more than the specific applications — my personal feelings about certain colors differ from the assigned meanings in Feng Shui, so I doubt that they would have the intended effect.

Most of my changes aren’t very big. In fact, the main thing that I’m doing is cleaning and organizing, and vowing to do a better job at keeping it clean and organized. I figure that the creativity, productivity, happiness, and general well-being that I’m hoping to engender will fall into place once I bring about some order to my surroundings.

The direction South-East is associated with wealth and prosperity, so I put my jar of pennies in that corner of our bedroom. It seemed appropriate.

Since the bathroom has a strong water element present, it’s recommended that you add a symbol of fire to balance it out. I put a candle on the counter.

In our bedroom, I had made a little display of oil lamps and candles on top of the dresser. However, I learned that the dresser is on the North side of the room, with is the direction associated with water. Since lamps and candles are a source of fire, they created a conflict between the elements. I moved the lamps and candles to the window sill at the South side of the room to fix this conflict.

I’m also planning on making a dream catcher to hang above the bed. I’ve always loved dream catchers.

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