Alpaca Fleece


My alpaca fleece arrived the other day. It pretty much came straight from the animal without any processing, so the washing and carding is entirely up to me. I look forward to the task.

We ordered it from Avatar Alpaca Acres on Ebay, and got a pretty good deal on it. The fleece arrived with a pretty card, the names of the alpacas that it had been sheared from, and some dryer sheets to cover up the animal smell. Honestly, I rather like the way the alpaca smells — it’s very earthy, and reminds me of visiting a petting zoo as a little girl.

Back to work for me!


5 thoughts on “Alpaca Fleece

  1. That’s some nice looking fleece. I can’t wait until I can work with some raw fleece and dye it myself and everything. Do you plan to post after you do what you have planned for it? Would be neat to see! :)

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