Feeling Beautiful

Some days time just gets away from me. Oh time, how silly you are!

Recently there was a post on One Stitch At A Time that said:

“[The corset] made me feel beautiful, and most importantly it made me love what I was sewing again. Every woman should have the chance to feel so beautiful.”

I was so struck by that statement that I read it out loud to my Lover. He replied, “In that case, you should make a corset as your next project.” So, I’ve been working on drafting the pattern.

Here’s to feeling beautiful, and all of the joy that accompanies it.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Beautiful

  1. Good luck! Take your time, and don’t give up if the first one has issues. Like all sewing, practice, practice, practice! Feel free the email me if you run in to any trouble. Glad you were inspired :-)

  2. Oh!! I will be watching this with much anticipation! I’ve wanted to try corsetry, but my local technical college isn’t’ offering the corsetry short course this semester :( Glad you’re making one though so I can gather some inspiration!!

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