Plum Linen Dress


I made this dress out of a gorgeous linen/rayon blend fabric, which was absolutely wonderful to work with — I’ve fallen heavily for linen, and hope to make lots more dresses out of it in the future.

I took the black fabric covered buttons off of a blouse that had torn a couple months back, which saved me the trouble of making my own buttons. Pretty lucky, in my opinion, since I was pretty dead-set on this dress having a button-up front. In the bust area, I added hooks and eyes to prevent strain on the buttons.

During one of my fittings, I decided that the back felt too exposed for the style of dress that I was aiming for, so I added thread loops and laced a black ribbon through it. I think that it matches the specialty ribbon that I sewed on around the waist, so I’m glad that the addition occurred to me.

The skirt has some pleats in it, and I finished the bottom with a bind hem.

The pictures probably would have come out better if I had gone outside (because of how dark the fabric is), but it’s too cold for me to want to pose for any length of time.









7 thoughts on “Plum Linen Dress

  1. This dress is absolutely gorgeous – the lacing detail really adds something special too.
    Did you use a commercial pattern, or is it self drafted?

  2. I LOVE what you did with the back and the buttons. This dress is VERY becoming on you.

  3. I heavily altered a commercial pattern — honestly, I probably would have saved some time if I had drafted it myself, lol.

  4. It’s a gorgeous dress! I love the style and it’s my favorite color!! Also I like you Yellow book shelf behind you. Nice job on the dress.

  5. Oh, that is marvellous! Totally yummy! I love linen to – just a dream to sew with. Yes, it does wrinkle but that’s all part of its charm! I love the detailing of the ribbons and your buttons and loops are so lovely. Very well done :)

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