New Year

I thought about summarizing my 2012, but in order to get the whole story I would have to write a novel rather than a blog post, and so I have decided that the epic misadventures of my life will remain a mystery for the time being. Instead, I have decided to focus on looking forward.

There are a lot of things that I want to learn and do in 2013, but most of them are contingent on my desire to settle down in a stable life. As much fun (heavy sarcasm) as it is to move every three months, it really doesn’t leave much room for anything else. I have been more than ready to fill my life with other things for a very long time now. So, first and foremost, what I want for 2013 is stability.

I want to learn tailoring. The how-to’s that I see on the subject always seem overwhelming, which is, of course, why I want to someday master it. That’s how my mind works. Then, one day, I will make a beautiful custom suit for my man, and he will look amazing.

I want to start selling things that I make. I think about this one a lot, but I have personal blocks that seem to always get in the way. I want to overcome those blocks, and find a way to support my sewing on my own. I don’t need to make much, just enough to be able to save up for tools and supplies. That would be wonderful.

I want my days to be full of creativity and free from fear. I want to let my imagination run wild with the sewing projects, and I want to have the patience to execute them with care. I want to start adding embroidery, sequins, beads, and other sorts of embellishments to my projects. I want to make things that are elegant.

I want 2013 to be the year I make my dreams come true.