Sears Kenmore 158-1040


We found this Sears Kenmore 158-1040 sewing machine at the thrift store for $20, so my Lover and I snatched it up as soon as we verified that it still worked. The first thing that we did was open it up, evict all the dust bunnies (there were quite a few!), then cleaned and oiled it — Oh how I love the insides of sewing machines!

Currently my Lover is working on fixing the feed dogs so that they feed the fabric backwards properly (currently they sort of wiggle uselessly and don’t move the fabric at all), and there is also some damage to the cord so it may need to be replaced before too long. Rehabilitating old machines is extremely satisfying though, since there’s nothing quite like that moment when all that work comes together and everything works perfectly.









2 thoughts on “Sears Kenmore 158-1040

  1. I love sewing machines. I have 2. One is a newer one with all the digital buttons to choose your stitch on the side and the other one is very old. One of the ones in the wooden tables that it folds down into with cast iron feet. I love it. It needs work though and I just have’nt had the time to mess with it. Love your machine! :)

  2. My main sewing machine is a table-mounted Singer 404 from the 1950’s, and it will probably keep working for years and years. That’s what I love about older machines.

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