Dresses for Dolls


After this project, I now have a great admiration for people who make doll clothes. Working that small was definitely a challenge.

We got these two little dolls from the thrift store to give to Baby Girl for Christmas. The first thing that I did was wash and detangle their hair to get them looking presentable, then I went about making dresses for them. I printed off patterns from the internet rather than make my own (I kept over-thinking it), but the patterns that I chose had some oddities that were difficult to work around. I made the burgundy dress first, and in my opinion it definitely looks like I had never made a doll’s dress before. I made the pink dress second, and I think that it’s the cuter of the two.

I was very tempted to start styling their hair and doing beaded embroidery on the dresses, but my Lover reminded me that we’re giving these to an eight-month-old baby so I shouldn’t go overboard. If she loves them, she’ll destroy them — such are the ways of children.

It was a lot of fun making these, and I *might* make one for myself — only I’ll do the hairstyling and beaded embroidery to my heart’s content.




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