On Dressing The Baby

I have discovered that there’s a gap in sizing of baby clothes that I have. We got the clothes second-hand, stuffed into a large garbage sack, and while I did sort through them to pull out the items that I hated, I didn’t pay much attention to the sizing. As Baby grew, I simply found the sizes that I needed, and didn’t pay much attention to everything else. This last time, however, I realized that we don’t have very many clothes that can fit a 6-12 month old — mostly just jackets.

In the past week or so, I started lamenting the fact that I haven’t been able to choose what sorts of clothes I put my baby in. I absolutely love how she looks in little dresses, but we only own a couple of them. The older she gets, the more that I want to dress her in clothing that I find cute. Maybe it’s a mom thing.

So, I’ve started mentally running the numbers, so to speak. How realistic would it be for me to start making clothing for her? Do I have the time? Can I get the materials? Would it interfere too much with my bigger, more elaborate projects? Would she grow out of them too quickly to make it worth my while? Would I be better off making a trip to the thrift store?

I’m leaning towards going ahead with it.

2 thoughts on “On Dressing The Baby

  1. Thrift shops are a mother’s best friend. Maybe you could plan for one special dress or something. I would be afraid they would outgrow it before I finished it. Especially the way I sew. And, I wonder what patterns sizing is like versus real life for children/babies. I’m a bigger size in patterns vs. rtw. Not sure about little people.

  2. I think that it would be easy enough for me to draw a simple dress pattern to sew together without taking up too much time — I have no intention of sewing onesies or anything like that. I’ll start with one, and see how that goes.

    Plus, if I did undertake this project, I would have lots of little clothes to use for experimenting with fabric dyes. That would be a blast.

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