Plum Linen – The design


I had planned to do a simple “just follow the pattern” project next, but when I looked at the linen/rayon blend fabric that I had fallen in love with (it spoke to my soul), then at the pattern I selected, I thought, “Oh, but this would look so much better with buttons down the front!” Sigh. Once a designer, always a designer.

Since I decided on altering the pattern anyway, I went ahead and changed all the seam allowances while I was at it. I cut the princess seam allowances down to 1 cm, which lets me sew the pieces together without having to bother with that whole “ease stitch” business, then I reduced the rest of the seam allowances down to 1/2 inch, simply because that’s what I prefer working with.

The nice thing about altering a pattern versus drawing one from scratch is that I don’t have to calculate out the curves myself – I just have to trace the right lines.


Lots and lots of tracing and measuring.


Nothing obviously wrong here.


The mock-up that I made to check the fit. It may or may not be turned into something else at some point.

Next step: Cutting the nice fabric.