My Favorite Things


With the holidays in full swing, I thought that I’d contribute to the season by sharing a list of my favorite things.

1. Hot water straight from the tap – It’s much faster and easier than heating water up on a stove, and feels pretty darn good on my skin.

2. Washer and dryer machines – As much as I enjoyed washing dirty diapers by hand — that wonderful, overpowering smell while I had my arms up to my elbows in poopy, yellow water — I love the convenience of simply loading them into a machine. It’s much, much faster.

3. Multivitamins – They made a difference when my diet just wasn’t enough.

4. Long hot baths – SO WONDERFUL.

5. A safe place to sleep where it’s warm – Beats the hell out of being questioned by the police because they found me sleeping in my car in the middle of winter.

6. Being able to celebrate Christmas – Speaks for itself.

7. Home-cooked meals – Thoroughly delicious, and much better than canned cheese on crackers.

8. Being able to maintain proper hygiene – Helps me feel like a decent human being.

9. Babies – Just when I think that mine can’t get any cuter, she does.

10. Family – When it comes down to it, this is the only thing that matters.