Baby Hat

My mom found a crocheted doll hat that she really liked, and asked me to make one like it for my Baby Girl. So, we bought some wool yarn, and I got to work.


I knew from the start that I wanted to dye it. Unfortunately, when I tried to find the gorgeous dyes that I had used to make my Baby Girl’s blanket with, I discovered that they had disappeared. Those packets had sat in my sewing drawer for months and months, and the moment that I want to use them, they’re gone — I’m pretty certain that they were stolen by faeries. Since I had my heart set on dyeing, my Lover and I took a trip to the craft store and picked up some Rit dye.

IMG_0786I soaked the cap in warm water and soap to prepare it for dyeing.

IMG_0787My Lover made a little rack for my dye pot out of wire coat hangers.




IMG_0808At some point I exclaimed, “This is really fun!” and lost myself in sponging the dye into the hat.

IMG_0814I wrapped it up in plastic wrap, and set it on the rack. Then, I boiled the water and steamed the hat for 45 minutes.

IMG_0820After it was done steaming, I took off the plastic wrap and soaked the hat in warm water while we ate dinner. The dye didn’t bleed anywhere near as much as I had expected.


IMG_0836I love how bright and vivid the colors turned out!