Creativity Without Fear

This post over at The Couture Academic got me thinking. To summarize, the author put up a comment that she had made on a Threads article, and the designer’s reply about giving yourself permission to be creative without fear (I highly recommend that you go read it yourself). After seeing her post, I wondered, “How often do I let fear stifle my creativity?”

I worry a lot about screwing up and wasting materials. I don’t have much money, so I don’t have the option of going out and buying new fabric if something goes catastrophically wrong. Instead of coming up with solutions to work around that limitation and plowing on ahead, I let the fear stop me. As a result, I have some very nice fabric sitting in a box, waiting to be used.

I also worry a lot about wasting time. I have a lot of obligations and projects that need to get done, competing with activities that I want to do. Sewing is usually done during the baby’s naps, or in place of some household chore that I didn’t feel like doing at that moment, so I tend to feel like I’m using borrowed time. If I don’t end up with something tangible to show for it, I feel like I’ve wasted it.

But it’s incredibly hard to be creative when I’m afraid. I don’t even let myself think of interesting new projects, because I’m too scared of things that really shouldn’t matter. What sorts of things would I make if I just let myself be free?

What I ought to do is look in the mirror, and say, “Don’t be ridiculous!” then kick myself into creative action. If I’ve learned something by working on a project, then I haven’t wasted anything if it fails. Learning, after all, is the important part.


2 thoughts on “Creativity Without Fear

  1. Thanks for the ping back, EM! And I can relate to everything you’ve said. In these past weeks I’ve realized that (for myself) I love sewing…it’s all love. Problem is that fear masks that love sometimes. Once you rid yourself of the fear you see that love again…but it was always there and it always will be. I can’t wait to see your next creation!

  2. The last part is perfect. I’ve always need to remember that no matter what if I may at something I’ve still learned a lot. And,, really I’ve had so many fails land in my pile of shame but I still keep on going. But, those fails are why I go for the easy. I just need a success!!

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