Garter Belt Design

I got a garter belt around three years ago after my Lover and I met, as sort of a, “Yay, sexy lingerie,” type thing. I immediately fell in love with the idea, but not with the belt that I had purchased. It was made out of nylon and stretch lace, and the elasticity was a huge problem. It was constantly slipping down to much lower on my hips than I liked, even though I had purchased a size small and was fastening it as tightly as it would go. On top of that, the straps were so long that I felt like they were rather trashy.

In July of 2011, I made myself a garter belt using woven cotton. I liked it quite a bit, though it had some problems. For starters, it came out much smaller than I would have liked, because I forgot to add seam allowances. Unfortunately, I only got to wear it for a short while before Homelessness Part Two started, and now that my hips are bigger than they were back then, it doesn’t fit me anymore (technically, it didn’t fit me back then either).

I decided that for my next project, I wanted to make another garter belt. I’ve been without for long enough!

I drew the pattern using measurements like I usually do, then did the fine tuning on my new dress form.


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