Duct Tape Dress Form

Yesterday morning, I said to my Lover, “I want a dress form.”

He replied, “Okay. Where does one get one?”

I answered, “We could make one.”

So, we scrounged together all of the duct tape that we could find, and made a spur-of-the-moment dress form. I have less than stellar circulation, so my feet and legs immediately became a mottled purple and itched — my Lover had to stop several times to take care of the itching for me. After awhile of standing immobile, my lower back began to ache quite a lot as well, which proves that I am willing to suffer for my art.

We put on three layers of tape, and my Lover did an absolutely wonderful job at constructing the shape. It’s very easy for fat to get pushed into places where there isn’t any normally, so it’s important for the person doing the taping to control that as much as possible.

I was very surprised and pleased to find that the measurements of the dress form fit me exactly after we took it off — I thought for sure that all of those layers would add bulk.

I put on an old t-shirt, and told my Lover to wrap me up in whatever manner seemed right to him.

I thought that this stage was particularly amusing.

Around back.

First layer complete.

We were pretty close to being done at this point. I was tired and achy, so I was less than thrilled when my Lover stopped to take a picture.

Back view.


This is the Threads Magazine article on the topic, though quite honestly I found it to be very lacking.

And here is a list of tips from Paula O’Brien: The wrong way, and the right way.

I didn’t research much before getting started on my own, so you’ll note that we did some things incorrectly. It worked for us, but I recommend following the tips.

5 thoughts on “Duct Tape Dress Form

  1. I saw that same Threads article that came out quite some time ago. I’ve always thought it was a neat idea. Your form turned out really well.

  2. I’d like to take the credit for how it turned out, but all I did was stand really still for a long time. Thanks for the compliment, and I’ll be sure to pass it on.

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