Yoga and Moving On

I’ve been doing Kundalini yoga almost every day for about a month now. In the beginning I could barely get through the warmups, and it was a disheartening reminder of the stress and malnutrition that I had gone through in the all-too-recent past. I didn’t used to be so weak. I used to be able to get through those warmups without any fatigue at all, and yet there I was panting and tired, calling it quits and knowing that my muscles were going to be feeling it for awhile. Quite honestly, it was far from being fulfilling.

Then, one day, I got through the warmups just fine and moved on through the main workout. I had expected to gradually get better, not to have a sudden leap forward. The change was wonderful, and was a huge boost to my mood.

My muscles, on the other hand, are still tight and achy. I’ve come to believe that stressful situations can become locked in a person’s body, and that the only way to move on emotionally is to get those muscles to relax physically. In my case, this continues to be a difficult goal to achieve. I’ve found that yoga will help stabilize me on the days that I feel especially volatile, and slowly but surely I’m beginning to handle my particular emotional triggers better. I still carry my traumas with me, but the burden is a bit easier to bear.

It’s going to take a lot to improve my flexibility, since it took a lot to lose it.

So, I continue on. It might be a long time before I can exercise without popping joints and aching muscles, but if there’s one thing I’ve proven it’s that I know how to persevere.


4 thoughts on “Yoga and Moving On

  1. I’ve stumbled upon a great blog! A Kundalini Yogi who cooks and sews, just like me! I’m a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. Recently I’ve become a stay at home mom, and pulled out my sewing machine to get back into the swing of sewing. I’m taking lessons to refresh my memory. How long have you been practicing Kundalini? Do you use DVD’s or go to classes?

  2. I discovered Kundalini Yoga about four years ago, but didn’t practice at all for most of the past three years because of one hardship or another. I prefer to follow DVDs — they are much easier to incorporate into a daily routine when one has a baby.

  3. (It won’t let me reply to your comment directly)
    Yep, I sure do! I started out with Dance the Chakras, and started exploring from there.

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