The Ruffler

It’s known as the Ruffler. I decided to get better acquainted with some of the presser feet that came with my sewing machine, and that meant figuring this monstrosity out. Its purpose is to create ruffles or pleats, and it does that by pushing extra fabric into each stitch as you sew, creating a very even gather. I was rather intimidated by its size and complexity at first, but now that I’ve figured it out I absolutely love it. It makes very even gathers, and is a huge time saver — no more fiddling by hand!

Anywho, it took me most of the day to get this thing to work, because aside from needing to stop frequently to take care of the baby, the darned thing had a bit of rust on it that was preventing my fabric from feeding through smoothly. Thankfully, I’ve got that cleaned up now.

I will be putting ruffles on everything! BWAHAHAHA!


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