Perhaps it is because of the stark contrast between then and now that has me thinking about it, but lately I have been finding my thoughts drift over to the events of last year. Last year had been cold, and my Lover and I spent Halloween day in a coffee shop, using the wifi until closing time, then trudging back to our van to spend the night huddled together in a single person sleeping bag. I had been worried that our homelessness would make us targets for Halloween pranks, but there hadn’t even been any trick-or-treaters out, and the van that housed two people and two cats had been left untouched.

I remember the mixture of hope and despair that I felt — I was sure that the advent of All Souls Night would bring about a change to our situation, and I was growing more and more aware that I was reaching my breaking point. I prayed for change. ANY change, as long as it was somehow an improvement; I was far from picky.

Then the wheels of time started turning again.

This year my Lover and I dressed our baby up in her costume, and went out trick-or-treating. The night was unusually warm, and so wonderfully festive. There were children all around, Halloween decorations everywhere, the houses we went to thought that our Baby Girl was the most adorable thing ever, and an unexpected number of people were eager for a small chat. It was fun.

Afterwards, we celebrated Samhain, to mark the beginning of our new year. This time I am only hopeful.

I still have prayers that I am waiting for an answer on, but I am eternally grateful for the improvements that have come about. So much has changed in just a year.

The Loot

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  1. Beautiful. I Stumbled Upon this and it left me breathless. I read your whole blog.
    All the best for you.

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