Lace Up Skirt – The Design

If you recognize my art style, yikes!

For this skirt, I wanted it to have panels (eight, to be precise), and an opening in the front that is held shut by lacing. I also wanted the top to sit on my natural waist to accentuate that curve and bring out my hourglass figure. So, after I put all that together in my mind, I made a sketch of it and jotted down the key measurements that I needed.

I made a rectangle using the height that I wanted the waistband to be, and the measurement of the widest part of my waist that the band was going to cover. Then, I subtracted the necessary inches from the top of the band.

I pinned the edges of the pattern to meet, and attached it to me in order to make adjustments. I ended up shortening the front and back pieces by 1/2 inch to improve the curve around my waist.

I cut out the pieces, then traced them onto fresh paper and added seam allowances.

I went ahead and drew the pattern for the skirt part directly on the fabric, as it was simple and I didn’t feel like taping lots of tissue paper together.

Cut out the pieces, and begin!

And there you have a vague description of my process.


5 thoughts on “Lace Up Skirt – The Design

  1. This is so awesome how you can construct a pattern! I am totally jealous of your super skills! Did you learn by a book or from someone?

  2. I learned mostly through studying clothing and trial and error. If I had been formally taught, I’m sure that my methods would make more sense.

  3. i would LOVE to see the finished product of your design it’s beautiful! i stumbled across your blog and i must say that you are very talented. Thanks for taking the time to share :)

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