On Bra Shopping (aka Product Placement)

A few years ago I gave up on bras. I switched over to wearing sports bras exclusively, then went through a period where I didn’t even bother with the undergarment at all. But after becoming pregnant, my hormones kicked in and I was like, “Oh God, gravity!” so I pulled out the one sports bra that I had left and wore the hell out of it. I grew to hate that bra with a passion; I plan on burning it.

Last night, I went bra shopping.

My rib cage didn’t expand at all during the past couple of years, but my bust became huge from that whole breastfeeding thing. I had a next to impossible time before pregnancy, and yesterday it seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen at all. The bra section was full of the usual barrage of underwires and foam cups, which was pretty much the last thing that I wanted — I prefer to look like my natural size, thank-you-very-much. We found some soft bras, but out of those it was *hard* to find something that fit me.

Then the sales girl suggested that we look at Bali. I tried one on and loved it.

Instead of having the band and cup size nonsense, these bras have small/medium/large sizing that are designed to fit a range of bands and cup sizes (made possible by the elastic wonders of nylon and spandex). They are also wonderfully supportive, but still very comfortable (I ended up sleeping in one). Of course, since they are made out of nylon and spandex, chances are that they’ll stretch out over time — I’ll have to wait to see. In the meantime, maybe I’ll find the means to make that corset that I’ve been wanting.

It feels good to have my bust in the proper position again.

While I was busy trying things on and searching around, Grandma had a fun time putting bras and adult-sized slippers on my Baby Girl. If only I had had my camera on me.